Convert a mail-enabled public folder to a shared mailbox in Exchange 2007

  1. Create the new Shared mailbox per the instructions here.
    1. Give it the same name as the public folder being converted.
    2. Make sure the users who have access to the public folder are added to the MBX_xxxxxx security group so they have Full Access and Send-As rights to the new mailbox.
  2. Using PowerShell , note the LegacyExchangeDN of the mail-enabled public folder:
    1. Get-MailPublicFolder <pf-smtpaddress> | Select LegacyExchangeDN
    2. (i.e. /O=ORG/OU=ADMIN GROUP/CN=RECIPIENTS/CN=Folder-Name887CE6C3409E34A2848C4BB5E42229C7547F86)
  3. Using PowerShell, note the SMTP addresses assigned to the public folder
    1. (Get-MailPublicFolder <pf-smtpaddress>| Select emailaddresses).emailaddresses | where {$_.prefixstring -eq ‘smtp’}
    2. (SmtpAddress     :

      AddressString   :

      ProxyAddressString :

      Prefix : SMTP

      IsPrimaryAddress   : False

      PrefixString    : smtp}

  4. Mail-disable the public folder and allow a few minutes for AD to replicate this change.  Mail destined to the original public folder may bounce during this time frame.
  5. Add the LegacyExchangeDN value to the new shared mailbox as an X.500 email address.  This will allow mail originally destined for the public folder to be delivered to the new shared mailbox instead.  This is to support replies to older messages and new messages sent using the Outlook Name cache.
  6. Add the SMTP addresses to the new shared mailbox if they are not already auto-assigned by the email address policy.

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