Copy Receive Connectors from one server to another

When you’re deploying Exchange 2010 Hub Transport servers, oftentimes you need to replicate the Receive Connectors on one server to multiple other servers.  This isn’t such a dawnting task when you have just a few receive connectors or if the Remote IP Ranges isn’t a long list of IP addresses and/or subnets. 

In those cases, manually creating them on each hub transport can be a nightmare.

You can use the following PowerShell commands to help speed up this process.

1. Get a list of all the non-default Receive connectors (i.e everything BUT the Default [SERVERNAME] and Client [SERVERNAME] connector)

$ReceiveConnectors = Get-ReceiveConnector -Server <SOURCE TRANSPORT SERVER> | where {!($_.Name -like “Client*”) -and !($ -like “Default*”)}

2. Then use this list to create identical receive connectors on another server.  Repeat this command for each Target Transport Server you want.

foreach ($Connector in $ReceiveConnectors) {New-ReceiveConnector -Server <TARGET TRANSPORT SERVER> -Name $ -Bindings $Connector.bindings -RemoteIPRanges $Connector.remoteipranges}

3. If you have other unique settings other than the default ones like Authentication and Permissions Groups, you can add those parameters inside the braces {} to copy those settings as well.


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