Change DirSync Synchronization Frequency

Some organizations need DirSync to synchronize with their Office 365 tenant more frequently than the default 3 hour interval.

Fortunately, this is easy enough to change.

  1. Navigate to the installation directory for the DirSync tool:
    C:Program FilesWindows Azure Active Directory Sync
  2. Edit this file:
  3. Search for the line
    <add key=”SyncTimeInterval” value=”3:0:0″ />
  4. Change the value to reflect the interval you’d like to use.  The default is 3:0:0 which is every 3 hours.  Changing it to 0:30:0 would result in a synchronization every 30 minutes.
  5. Save the file
  6. Restart the Forefront Identity Manager Synchronization Service service.

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