Determine Office 365 Public Folder Hierarchy Limit

​Last month, in June 2014, the Exchange Team announced that Office 365 would soon have the public folder hierarchy folder count limit raised from 10,000 folders to 100,000 folders.  This limit increase would begin to take effect in July, 2014.

But how can you tell what your tenant’s current folder count limit is?

  1. Open a remote PowerShell session to your Office 365 tenant
  2. Run the following command:
    Get-Mailbox -PublicFolder | Get-MailboxStatistics | fl FolderHierarchy*

The command will return the following results:

FolderHierarchyChildrenCountWarningQuota : 9000
FolderHierarchyChildrenCountReceiveQuota : 10000

FolderHierarchyDepthWarningQuota         : 250
FolderHierarchyDepthReceiveQuota         : 300

Once the FolderHierarchyChildrenCountReceiveQuota is raised to 100000, you’ll know your tenant has been updated.

If your tenant does not have a public folder mailbox created yet, you can run the command without the -PublicFolder parameter and replace it with any mailbox identity.


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