Since I’ve gotten my Surface Book, I’ve noticed that Outlook 2013 routinely crashes on me throughout the day.

I’ve found the following blog post of another person with the same problem on Outlook 2016.  I’m going to try the resolution suggested and see if it helps me too.

Source: Surface Book, Office 2016, & my unknown Outlook crashes


Video: Learn how the new Office updates itself

Microsoft’s Office Blogs recently released a video in its Garage Series explaining how the new Click-To-Run version of the Office Suite updates itself and how that process differs from the MSI-based install.

Essentially, when Office checks for updates, it only streams down the delta bits of code.  So, for instance if you’re running a January version of Office 2013 installed via click-to-run, and Office gets updated in April and only 10% of the bits have changed, your computer will only need to download the 10% difference.

When you install Office, two scheduled tasks get created to check for updates.

  • One task is triggered to run ​at each login
  • Another task is triggered to run at 3 AM, 3 times/week

The team also talks about how to distribute these updates manually via SCCM.  Watch the video below for more detail (oh, and a ride in a Ferrari F430 Spider).

<A href=”; target=”_new” title=”The new Office: Garage Series for IT Pros – Anatomy of Office Software updates”>v5%5E544x306 The new Office: Garage Series for IT Pros – Anatomy of Office Software updates</A>

Learn Office at lunch in 15 minutes

Ever wanted to learn about how to use more features of Word or Excel or understand the basics of SharePoint or SkyDrive?  Microsoft’s Office Blog features weekly 15-minute video webinars on various Office topics every Tuesday from 9:15-9:30 Pacific time (12:15-12:30 Eastern).

Visit to see a list of past webinars and to download a calendar reminder for the series so that you never miss one.

You can watch A Beginner’s Guide to SharePoint below:


Microsoft brings support for Office 365 to Office for Mac 2011

This week, Apple Insider reported that Microsoft has released patches and updates to the Office for Mac 2011 suite. The most important update perhaps is the new ability to better integrate with Office 365 for existing Office for Mac 2011 users.

Now, users get a better co-authoring experience with their Windows OS team mates as well as the ability to save files to SkyDrive and SharePoint. For a more details about this patch (KB2454823) visit this Microsoft Support Website or to download the patch, visit this Microsoft Download page.